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Vitamin D: Are multivitamins enough?

With new Government advice being that all children should supplement with vitamin D, and those over the age of 1 with 10micrograms daily, researchers have been looking at how this can be achieved. They have asked the question – Are multivitamins sufficient?

They looked at 67 multivitamin preparations and found that only 25% to 36% provided 10microgrammes of vitamin D (or more). The ones that were most likely to were labelled as for ‘healthy bones’.

Researchers said; “Few multivitamin products supply the recommended 400IU/day (10micrograms)/day vitamin D. Clinicians need to be aware of this when recommending vitamin D supplementation and advise parents/carers to choose a product that contains ≥400 IU/day vitamin D”.


Moon, R.J., Curtis, E.M., Cooper, C., Davies, J.H. & Harvey, N.C. 2020, “Vitamin D supplementation: are multivitamins sufficient?”, Archives of disease in childhood, vol. 105, no. 8, pp. 791-793.

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