Our Vision

Why HealthyDoesIt?

Millions of us have recently started to care much more about how we exercise, how we eat, and how we go about being our best self – naturally.

HealthyDoesIt is here to help you understand the natural products and healthy foods that might be right for you. Your life, your health, your investment, our expertise.

HealthyDoesIt… a more natural way of living.


HealthyDoesIt is a collaboration supported by many within the natural products industry, as well as natural health practitioners and research scientists.

For centuries, humankind has learned how to harness the health-supporting compounds provided by nature. A global experience handed down the generations, and more recently supported by a huge body of scientific evidence, has opened our understanding of how we can feel better, live longer and manage the health challenges we all face… naturally.

Supporting you

You’ve made that commitment to change something.

We’re here to help you.

  • Find out information and advice about all kinds of natural health products
  • Be part of a community of like-minded people who support all things natural and healthy
  • Make the most of your local health food store where you can find natural products, an empathetic customer journey, information and advice.