To Beard, Or Not To Beard, That Is The Question

The beard has remained popular now for a number of years,  as it has in generations gone by. In each of these beardy fashion phases, men have harnessed the hairy follicular power of nature, nurtured it and donned shiney bearded face coverings for all to see.

But what should you know about keeping your beard trim and healthy? Here are some beady ponderings to get you thinking.

POSITIVE: Beards have a barrier function, in helping to prevent bacteria, particles and other matter entering the mouth. Thank you beard, for warding off potentially germy elements making their way inside your body.

NEGATIVE: Beards have a barrier function, meaning that particles and other matter can trap in the beard. This means that good cleansing routines are needed, so make sure that you take time every day to do this. Look out for products containing essential oils that have antibacterial properties. Many men’s grooming beard cleansers and oils contain natural ingredients and smell amazing.

The extent of a beard is dependent on many factors, both physical and hormonal. We know that a full and thick beard is influenced by the levels of male sex hormones and good nutrition, as well as taking care to maintain it once grown. A good nutritional supplement designed to support healthy hair is one considerations, and keeping the beard conditioned using the many products available (some organic too) will help keep your beard looking it’s best throughout the summer months and into the winter.  For a nutritional approach to a healthy beard, look out for hair health and skin health formulations. If you’re unsure about what’s suitable, ask in store.

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