Natural Beauty!

In a world of skin-smoothing, teeth whitening, eye-widening digital fixes, there’s an army of natural beauty advocates out there ready to fight back.

What natural beauty ammo do you have?

1/ Rosa Mosqueta: It’s one of nature’s amazing skin gifts. Also called Chilean Rose Hop, it’s especially rich in essential fatty acids, which are vital for the structure and function of all cell membranes, but particularly important for the skin surface, which must stay ‘water-proofed’ and conditioned. Rosa mosqueta is often chosen by those with scars, and it’s suitable for people of all ages

2/ Aloe Vera is excellent as a skin soother, which is great when your spring/summer skin needs a little indoor skin soothing. It’s a great natural skin moisturizer.

3/ Chamomile – can be found in all kinds of natural and organic skin creams and lotions, and has been used for skin for many hundreds of years.

4/ Avocado oil is richly moisturizing, and you might like to add a little vitamin E oil, which is a strong antioxidant to help counter the effects of free radicals that your skin encounters daily.

5/ Echinacea has been used for skin, and you might like to visit an herbal practitioner to discover what format is best for you (tablets, capsules, topical applications). Once you’re armed with the info, head to your health store to get it.

6/ Natural exfoliants: Look out for nut-shell-based creams, salt rubs, wheat germ in oil or microbead products. Skin brushing is popular, to remove dead skin and reveal soft smooth skin underneath. It’s the best base on which to moisturize and condition the skin.

7/ Tea tree. Still get the off blemish? Open cut? Tea tree has antimicrobial properties, and this essential oil can be found on its own (ask about how best to dilute it in oil, milk or within a cream), or save yourself the time and ask about tea tree based in soaps, creams or solutions.

8/ Collagen. Without a doubt, a skin health revolutionary, hydrolysed collagen peptides have some great research to back them, and are known to help replenish collagen levels are we age. Collagen is vital for skin structure and support, and vitamin C is often included, to help with the formation of collagen.

9/ Hyaluronic acid is one of the most widely included skin health ingredients, helping to draw water into the skin. We make less as we get older, which can impact on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic can be found in supplements, and topical formulations, so ask in store about what might be suitable for you.

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