I want to try water only fasting. Can you tell me more please?

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Our Expert’s Answer

Jayney Goddard explains…

“Water-only fasting – as the name suggests is where you only drink water and take no food whatsoever and, most importantly, you must take complete bed rest.  Here are a few water-fasting do’s and don’ts.  Firstly, Don’t attempt a fast by yourself – you must be supervised by an expert. This is important as you might need someone to check in with as you progress through this kind of fast. It’s also essential to get clear instructions and guidelines. A practitioner will be able to make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared at every stage. Do check to see if you are suited to fasting – it is not for everyone and there are some conditions for which water-only fasting is contra-indicated. Finally, do rest completely if fasting.”

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