Lockdown is really getting me down now. What can help?

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Our Expert’s Answer

Miguel Toribio-Mateus suggests… 

“Listening to any type of music that you can connect with so that it helps you become calmer, more relax, or to disconnect from your daily sources of stress has been seen to do a number of things to the immune system; it directly affects stress hormone levels, e.g. cortisol, as well as immunoglobulins, proteins that play a role in maintaining healthy immunity. This is not 2020 “new age” stuff. The authors of a clinical trial published in the Journal of Music Therapy back in 2007 looking at the effects of music on anxiety levels concluded that “music is as effective as diazepam” in reducing vital signs of anxiety. 

If you find that listening to Metallica makes you feel all mellow and fuzzy inside, then that’s the album you need on repeat. Some will prefer Mozart, and some will prefer house music. Whatever it is that takes you out of that stress / anxiety zone, that’s the kind of music that works for you.”

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