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Jenny Coldicott

My local health store helped me to connect with a local nutritionist who worked with me to change my diet for the better.

I live a very hectic life and knew that my food wasn’t a priority, and I was feeling really tired and run down. A 3 day diet diary established that I was lacking in key vitamins and minerals, and was malnourished, so we worked together to make small steps towards big changes.  This wasn’t always easy, especially getting more fresh foods into my diet.

My nutritionist knew the health store staff well, and they were able to help me get my shopping basket looking a lot healthier, including wholefoods such as beans and pulses, plus healthier snacks, as well as a woman’s vitamin and mineral supplement.

It’s taken a while, but I’m now taking more care over my own health, and rely on my health store for many of the foods and ingredients that I use… or my treats. I stick to organic chocolate. I’m not quitting the treats altogether!

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