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Shop Smart: How lockdown changed the way you shopped

Lockdown has been a time when we’ve all had to change the way we shop. Health has gained so much focus, and, more than ever, your local health store has been a vital contact for those wanting to maintain health and wellbeing.  So… what positives have come from these unusual times?

Vital for the Nation’s Health: If you’re one of the thousands of people who bought products from your health store, then you know just how wonderful it was that you had access to the natural health products that you’ve been taking for a while, or wanted to take for the first time. In fact, the government recognised the vital part that health stores play, especially when Public Health England announced a health advice update for vitamin D, with ‘everyone’ now being advised to supplement with 10micrograms. Did you get yours?  It’s not too late…  click here to find your nearest local health store.

Flexible shopping: Shopping got smart; postal services, click and collect and telephone orders kept your supply of supplements, foods and beauty products going over the months. Now that the ‘high street’ is more fully open, you’re finally able to commit to ‘shop local’ and browse the thousands of natural, ethical and environmental products your local ‘one-stop’ independent health store offers.

A caring place to shop:  You might have been one of the many people who visited their health store to get information about supporting immune health, and in the process, were highly likely to have been greeted with a cheerful smile and an empathetic conversation. This is what health stores do best!

Access to qualified information:  By investing in comprehensive, quality staff training and working alongside health practitioners (not just complementary and holistic therapists, but local G.P surgeries too),  health stores are able to offer specialist dietary and lifestyle advice on which mix of health solutions might work for you.   

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