Garlic – when nature got clever

Garlic – that wonderfully pungent herb that’s been used for generations in all kinds of ways; in the food that we eat, in herbal preprations for coughs and colds, as an antibacterial and well, in weird and wonderful hope on heads that it will help hair to grow. 

As with every natural ingredient, it’s good to turn to the science to see what’s researchers have been finding out. So here’s just a few things to help you get to know this distinctive and much-loved herb.

  1. Garlic is used in almost every culinary style around the globe; whether Italian, indian or oriental, garlic is a culinary staple that gives many dishes their characteristic taste.
  2. The main active component is allicin, which is thought to be largely responsible for it’s health benefits. Garlic also contains sulphur-containing essential oils.
  3. Garlic products can help to support those who are on a diet aimed at a more favourable blood fat profile.

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