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Hello from Health Stores UK

As the new owners of HealthyDoesIt, Health Stores UK would like to say hello to the site’s growing ranks of readers and supporters. 

So, who are Health Stores UK, and how did they become new website and brand owner?  

Let’s deal with the first past of the question first. Until very recently, Health Stores UK was known as the National Association of Health Stores. We are the UK’s only dedicated trade association for specialist health food and natural products retailers. Our members come in all shapes and sizes (health food stores, wholefood shops, natural food stores are all descriptions you will hear) but they have one thing in common – they’re all independently owned. In short, they are local-owned, mission-driven business dedicated to serving their communities. 

Health Stores UK member Shaun Higgs from Sheaf Street Health Store

Health Stores UK became the new owners of HealthyDoesIt when the website and brand was generously gifted to us by the Health Food Manufacturers Association earlier this year. HealthyDoesIt was created by the HFMA during the first lockdown in 2020 to educate consumers about natural health products and encourage them to visit their local high street health stores. After two successful years, the organisation “felt it was right that it is the right time to pass HealthyDoesIt to a new home” and that Health Stores UK would the the ideal new custodian of the site. 

We’re delighted to pick up the baton, as we see HealthyDoesIt as a fantastic platform to showcase the best of independent health food retail, and expand our mission to help more people to live healthier, greener and happier lives. 

In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing with you some the exciting plans we have for HealthyDoesIt – and ways you can get involved. 

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