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Vitamin D – deficient? Who?

New research in the BMJ (Jan 2021) shows that our vitamin D levels fall in the winter. This backs up Public Health England’s advice that we should all supplement with 10µg over the colder seasons. Since the pandemic, ‘everyone’ is being encouraged to supplement with 10µg daily as many of us are spending more time indoors.

But who are most likely to develop deficiencies? This study showed that if you smoke, you’re more likely to become deficient, and if you’re obese you’re at greater risk too.  However… this study found that deficiency rate in those never drank alcohol were higher than those who drank alcohol every day.   Of course, this is no excuse to rush out for your favourite tipple.  Everything in moderation.  You can read the NHS alcohol guidelines here, and the vitamin D advice here:


Vitamin D:

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