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Vitamin D: The big roll out

What’s happened?

It’s happened – the Government have recognised that vitamin D can play an important part in health and will be sending out vitamin D supplements in the New Year.

From January, care homes will receive supplies of vitamin D supplements, at 10microgams daily, and those who are clinically vulnerable will get a letter asking whether they would like to opt in to receive them.

But why?

Well, scientists have recognised the role of vitamin D in immune health for many years, but it’s become a real research focus throughout lockdown as scientists discover factors that influence our immune health.  We know that those who are vitamin D deficient have altered immune response, and we know that increasing vitamin D intakes positively help vitamin D’s immune support function.

Are you ‘doing the D’?

Are you taking your supplement of vitamin D?  Studies are showing that vitamin D not only plays an important role in the health of joints and muscles, but also in supporting immune function too.

Everyone in the UK are encouraged to supplement with 10micrograms of vitamin D daily. But to discover the level that’s right for you, there are two things that you can do;

1/ Get a vitamin D test, either from your G.P, or privately (such as via a practitioner or home-testing).

2/ Visit a nutritional practitioner to establish what level is right for you.  Your local health store can help to you find one, or might have contacts from supplement companies that give information about suitable intakes.

Want more information?

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