Life during lockdown. Can you relate?

Covid-19 brought a change. A big change for many men’s lives. Now many health practitioners, councellors and those in support services for men, are reflecting on how the lockdown period has impacted on men’s lives.  Can you relate?

Home advantage. We’re working from home more. This is great for reducing travel costs and time, but not so great juggling sharing the same space as family. Roll on September, then your work space is yours, if you’re able to work from home. 

A recent Government survey has shown that we’ve spent more time in the garden. Get your scruffs on, there’s a project waiting…

Self-motivated work-outs. Two camps; you’ve trained more at home to keep up your fitness or you’ve given up and can’t wait for the gym to open again. Which one are you?  The isolation has been hard for some of us, and it’s good to get out of the house, or to have a change from the same walk, run, cycle that has kept us close to home. Cooking something up. Yes, You read it. Many more men have been trying home cooking. Eating out was impossible so many gained the confidence to try new foods, cook new recipes and experiment a bit. This is just the start. Your local health store has thousands of innovative ingredients, many of which have a non-conventional edge to them; organically made, hand-picked, gently baked, non-GM, fair trade, special diets, and ingredients from all around the globe, just the same as when health stores started at the turn of the century.  Go to HealthyDoesHealthStore to read about 1 Visionary, 100 years and 4000 health stores.

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