Lookin’ good…

If you’ve been talking with the man in the mirror, what’s he been saying to you? ‘Gosh, you look a bit rough around the edges?’, ‘looking a bit old there, mate?’ or, if you’re looking ‘Not bad, hey, looking good’.

One thing’s for sure – the men who are looking their best are the ones who are mindful of the need to care for their skin, hair and nails and, whilst the rugged, beardy look is out there, done well, this isn’t coming naturally. Those beards are cared for. That hair is conditioned. That skin has some care and attention.

Whether you’re a male grooming virgin or a seasoned product user, there are all kinds of products out there for you to try.

  • Daily onslaught.  Your skin gets it. Your skin, unique in it’s sensitivity, tone, colour and condition. Choose products to suit your skin type then instigate a regular skin care routine. Select according to your skin so for example if your skin is sensitive, go for products that are unperfumed and made without harsh chemicals (they could be organic, which will not contain many conventional chemicals). Oily skin may benefit from facial scrub a couple of times a week to reduce the likelihood of blackheads while a light oil-free moisturiser will add hydration without greasiness. Dry skin can look older and can support a richer moisturiser – apply several times a day if your skin is really dry – go for one with sunscreen to prevent further drying and premature ageing – and before bed.
  • Face packs. Yes, we said it. You, in a fask mask.  Go for a clay mask to tighten skin, reduce pore size and grab deep down dirt, or a mud mask to revitalise with its high mineral content.
  • Do you strip your hair of every bit of grease because you want the wash to last? Over time, this might make your hair more oily.  What you’re aiming for is balance and this means matching your hair type; dry, normal or greasy hair. Thankfully, natural health brands designed for men harness the fragrances of nature to produce wonderful essential-oil products that are different from the norm. Look out for products containing tea tree oil if you’re prone to dandruff or scalp condition that responds well to ingredients that are anti-microbial.
  • Shaving dries the skin and can result in ingrowing hairs and razor burn. Try a shaving oil instead of a foam – you can see exactly what you’re shaving and it moisturises the skin at the same time. If you’re not shaving, rub in the beard oil. It will keep it conditioned and healthy and smells good too.
  • Pull back on the alcohol and the cigarettes. Getting tanked up or smoking isn’t going to make you look great, and it’s a well-known fact that smoking ages the skin much quicker. Make sure your diet is rich in antioxidant nutrients, and consider a supplement to help top up nutrient levels if your diet isn’t varied, you eat on the go or have a physically demanding job or sport. Of course, a multinutrient is just one way to get the Government’s recommended intake of 10microgrammes of vitamin D daily, but with the added bonus of extra nutrients in there too.

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