Leaving Out The Long Names…

Are you ready for the tongue-twisters?  Take a look at the ingredients used in conventional products that you won’t get in beauty or household cleaning prouducts…  We’ll start you off gently 🙂

Parabens: You can find this in many conventional health and beauty products and they’re in there to preserve the shelf life. According to the Soil Association, more than 90% of non-organic cosmetic products contain it. Those avoiding parabens often refer to studies which show that these chemicals may disrupt hormonal biochemical pathways in the body.

Got your teeth in?  Phythaltes: These aren’t always easy to spot on the label; DBP, DMP, MEP, DEHP, BBzP. These are preservatives, but might be labelled as ‘fragrance’.  Take a look on the labels of your hair sprays, nail polishes and perfumes.

Dimethylol: These are antimicrobials, used to preserve the shelf life of the product. On the label, look out for dimethylol urea, dimethylol dimethyl hydanton, DMDM hyanton. They are widely used in haircare products like shampoos and conditions, in moisturisers, bath products and make up.

Propylene glycol (non-natural)

Get ready. Methylisothiazolinone, Methylcholoroisothiazolinone. These are found in household cleaning products such as laundry detergents, cream cleansers and all-purpose cleaners. They are a common irritant.

There are many more… take a look at your labels. Today is a good day to make a switch; one organic food, one organic health and beauty product, one organic household. It’s the start of a more organic you.

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