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Organic farming: enriching the land

As well as great taste and quality when organic gets to your plate, the benefits go much further back. To farming methods.

Intensive agriculture, collectively around the globe, has a big impact on the planet. On a national level, soil erosion is a consideration and dedicated efforts to enrich it is so important. Resistance to herbicides and pesticides also happens over times, as plants and insects change to try to survive. 

Organic farming systems work more closely with nature, enriching the environment, and switches to these ways of working the land can decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

The soil in which our crops are grown is so often taken for granted. It’s not just us who needs it to nurture the food we eat, or plants that animals graze on, its vital for the whole host of wildlife, plants and animals who live in our fields and hedgerows.  It needs to be rich and well maintained, cared for, nourished, respected.

By making a change to organic products, you are helping to support those who care about our Nation’s soil.

We’ll be covering this soon… look out for our feature “Save our Soil” next month.

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