You Spenders, You!

A write up in Organic and Natural Business magazine tell us that you’re spending more on organic than in the past three years!  Organic food and drink sales have had a 6.1% year on year recorded growth, almost double that of non-organic.

It seems that we’re all wanting to get closer to a more natural, less chemical way of eating that helps support the planets ecology, with close attention to animal welfare. This is supported by a You.Gov survey which showed that 42% of people feel the COVID crisis has made them value food more.

Over a 12 week period (leading up to 30th May 2020), there was an 18.7% increase in organic sales, compared to 14.2% non-organic food and drink. Why?

It seems that the focus on local and natural has really hit home during lockdown, as people reassessed many aspects of life. Shoppers are choosing quality, good taste and ethical options that work with nature.

Your local health store has a huge part to play in helping you to eat more organic. To find your local health food store, click here.

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