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‘Natasha’s Law’ comes into force – October 2021

Do you remember the case Natasha Ednan-Laerouse, who died following an allergic reaction to a baguette?

 Straight after, many food companies stepped up their review processes and put stringent measures in place to ensure that the food allergy information available to the consumer was as accurate as possible. At the same time, consumers were encouraged to check, check and double check information on labels, and to ask any questions if they were unsure about anything at all.

And there are positive changes ahead.

The Food Standards Agency have now released their technical guidance to help food business prepare for ‘Natasha’s Law’ which comes into force from 1st October 2021.  This changes the way that food labels will display food allergen information for prepacked foods, such as a sandwich, which must display allergenic ingredients on the listing in a way that makes them easily stand out.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground, and keep you updated  as things progress.

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