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Good training comes from your gut

A healthy gut environment, rich in live bacteria that support your digestive system is really important for overall wellbeing. But researchers are also saying that it could help you to make the most of your training.  We take a closer look…

The adult gut microbiota describes the collection of microorganisms in your digestive tract. It’s constantly changing and it’s well known that the foods that you have in our diet can really influence the types and amounts of bacteria in your gut.  By what you might not know about, is how training can also affect our digestive systems. But how?

  • Exercise can increase the diversity of bacteria in the digestive tract
  • The health of the gut might affect adaption to exercise and the stresses and strains that it might bring.

The gut microbiota can also affect the brain. Therefore, the effects of exercise on the gut microbiome can lead to positive effects on cognition and/or emotion.

The digestive environment, and the bacteria within it influences the body’s antioxidant defence system. Because of this, its really important to those who are exercising, and exercise in itself produces more free radical reactions and bi-products that must be dealt with by the body using antioxidant mechanisms.

Research is showing that the gut microbiome can positively influence the immune system. This is really important for anyone, but especially people wanting to train, so that their routine can be kept, and their bodies continue to be made stronger, faster and more flexible.


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