Amazing antioxidants – get the basic right

We hear about them all the time, but are you familiar with antioxidants and what they actually do in the body? Here’s your 1 minute read…

Vitamin C: Helps to maintain immune function by mopping up excess free radicals which have the potential to cause cell damage. It’s  also needed for the formation of connective tissue, which helps support the muscles and joints, and is an integral part of healthy skin structure.

Vitamin E: Is hydrophobic (water hating) and sits within the membranes of body cells helping to keep excess moisture out. This is one of the reasons why vitamin E is such a good conditioning/moisturising ingredient. It helps to prevent oxidation of fatty acids, which are within many cell structures.

Zinc: As an antioxidant nutrient, zinc is needed for the formation of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (otherwise known as SOD), which helps to protect the cell nucleus (where all the genetic information is). Zinc also helps to support tissue healing, and healthy immune system strong. Suggested intake:

Selenium: A mineral which is often lacking in the diets of British people, selenium is needed for formation Glutathione peroxidase – an enzyme which prevents cell damage from hydrogen peroxide. It is excellent for supporting the immune system, by encouraging an efficient immune response to antibodies.

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