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Digestion: take 10!

With the pace of modern life, it’s easy for your digestive system to take a knock; eating on the run, not being motivated to cook, snacking on junk, being stressed. They can all impact on digestive health. If you need some digestive TLC, then this is for you.

Of course, if your digestive system is out of kilter, then you need to speak with a health practitioner. Here are ten common recommendations for gut health.

1/ Keeping a food and lifestyle diary to see whether there are any patterns to onset of symptoms.

2/ Stress management strategies, as stress has been linked to digestive health conditions such as indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea and cramping.

3/ Get assessed for food allergies and intolerances, as well as gut irritants. If your bowel seems to react to foods, then a practitioner can help you to establish foods that your might reduce or cut out of your diet. Your local health store will be able to help you to discover all kinds of new ‘free from’ staple foods; breads, flours, cereals, as well as milk alternatives, confectionary, condiments  and treats.

4/ Taking digestive enzymes by taking (logically named!) ‘digestive enzyme’ formulations to assist in the breakdown of foods.

5/ Increasing gut levels of digestive health bacteria, which can create a favourable environment for digestion to occur most efficiently, and ensure healthy bowel function.

6/ Aloe vera can help to soothe an inflamed gut, and L-glutamine can help with the health of the gut lining.

7/ L-glutamine, which studies have shown are useful in maintaining the structure of the gut lining (often linked to allergies and intolerances).

8/ Gut shifters: such as senna, fruit cubes and flax seeds, can all be added to the diet to help shift food along if the digestive tract is sluggish (as a practitioner which are suitable for you).

9/ Betaine Hydrochloride: Is often chosen by people experiencing indigestion which can result from lack of ability to digest food. Often, this is included in Digestive Enzymes formulations, but it can be recommended as a supplement within it’s own right.

10/ Exercise: To help keep things move along the digestive tract and to help manage stress and anxiety which can impact on your digestive system.

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