Women, working hard for Covid-19

Over the lockdown period, much has been written about the impact of covid-19 D on women and their role within society – with many being hit hard by the financial impact of the virus.

According to Women’s Budget Group (9th April 2020):

  • Women are the majority of health and care workers. 77% of healthcare workers are women,[1] as are 83% of the social care workforce.[2]
  • 77% of the workers with the highest risk of exposure to Covid-19 are women.[3] Over a million of these workers are paid below 60% median wages. 98% are women. [4]
  • Women are the majority of people living in poverty and female-headed households are more likely to be poor.[8] For example, 45% of lone parents (90% of whom are women) are living in poverty.[9]

As we ease out of lockdown, its an important time to build each other up, to go the extra mile to check on our friends, and look out for those who are struggling.

Your local health food store can be a support system; a friendly face, somewhere you can get information about friendship groups or tell you about upcoming events. We might not be able to spend time in store and browse at our leisure just yet, but we are able to reach out to others. Just a note of encouragement through the door can make a world of difference.  Do you have someone in mind that you would like to thank, just for being them?

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